Musical by Frank Nimsgern
Book: Florian K. Shantin & Alan Cooper
World premiere October 1999 56 sold out shows
New production 2005/2006 Theater Trier

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In hell, chaos naturally reigns. But this does have its advantage, because that gloomy place ensures the complete energy supply for the comforts of heaven. As the boss of the realm of the dead, Mephista feeds on sex as punishment for all the damned and is represented in less important matters by an assistant named Toilet Brush. The Kingdom of Heaven, on the other hand, promises freedom from stress and defines itself as a place where nothing stands in the way of the fulfillment of morally acceptable desires. Angelina is the resting pole of this idyll and monitors the emergence of all too extreme desires. It's just too bad that the holy trinity can't even come close to mastering the cleverly devised computer system that selects between good and evil. For fun, Klobürste has provoked a software error and triggered a name mix-up, through which the good-hearted civil servant John Baptist ends up in hell, while the small-time monster Jonathan Diver meets the inmates of heaven. Everything suddenly goes off the usual tracks: Thanks to Jonathan, all hell is now breaking loose in heaven, while in hell an unprecedented order returns.
The uprising of the deceased is therefore not long in coming. But in the revolution against "those up there", the power of love plays an overriding role.

Hearing Examples

Break the Silence

 Paradise of Pain



Hearing Examples

Beautyfull Day



Saarländisches Staatstheater Weltpremiere


Inszenierung: Kurt Josef Schildknecht (mit Matthias Kaiser)
Musikalische Leitung: Frank Nimsgern
Choreographie: Marvin A. Smith
Bühne: Knut Hetzer
Kostüme: Angela Schützt

Johannes: Florian Schneider /Holger Hauer
Jonathan: Frank Felicetti
Mephista: Valerie Simonns
Angelina: Nicole Malangré
Klobürste: Sven Sorring

Theater Trier


Inszenierung: Holger Hauer
Musikalische Leitung: Frank Nimsgern
Choreographie: Peter Oppermann
Bühne: Christoph Weyers
Kostüme: Carola Vollat

Johannes: Guildo Horn
Jonathan: Michael Ophelders
Mephista: Sanni Luis
Angelina: Stephanie Wettlich
Klobürste: Tim Olrik Stöneberg

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